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NHTSA Civil Penalty Payments

Lists of all Civil Penalties payments collected by NHTSA, exclusive of penalties for exceeding Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) levels

The Vehicle Safety Act provides for civil penalties for certain violations and authorizes NHTSA to enter into settlements on penalties. See 49 USC 30165. In addition to Vehicle Safety Act civil penalties, the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009 (CARS Act) and its implementing regulations also provide for civil penalties. These are also included.

Dataset Summary

Agency Department of Transportation
Sub-Agency/Organization National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Category 23. Transportation
Date Released Jan 01 2012
Date Updated Jan 01 2013
Time Period 10/01/1998 - present
Frequency On-going

Dataset Information Data Category Type
Raw data
Specialized Data Category Designation Research
Keywords enforcement, civil, penalty, civil penalty
Unique ID 251

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Unit of Analysis
Enforcement Action
Granularity National
Geographic Coverage Street Address

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Collection Mode
Case File
Data Collection Instrument N/A
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Privacy and Confidentiality
Applicable Information Quality Guideline Designation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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